Total International


Total international funds invest in a broad selection of companies outside of the United States including both developed and emerging markets.

Total international is a popular complement to the total stock market, as holding both gives investors broad exposure to companies all around the globe.

Index Funds

Source Data
  • 1970-1987: MSCI World Ex USA NR USD, R*
  • 1988-1996: MSCI ACWI Ex USA GR USD minus 0.4%, P
  • 1997+: Vanguard Total International Index Fund (VGTSX), P

(*) Good EM data is unavailable prior to 1988, which limits Total International data as well.  I use a world developed (ex US) index as a replacement asset.  Since I-TOT consists of about 85% developed markets, this is a good approximation that holds up even in high percentages.

Portfolios with Total International assets

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