Small Cap Growth


Portfolio Role

Small cap growth stocks tend to divide many investing experts.  Many consider small cap growth stock to be undesirable compared to their undervalued small cap value brethren, going so far as to call them the black hole of investing.  But others refer to them as “glamour stocks” as they tend to contain lots of big-name startups with large growth potential.


Market Coverage

Small cap growth covers the smallest 15% of the market.  It is further filtered to only contain the expensive half of the market sorted by book-to-market.



Note that “growth” is somewhat subjective and can be determined by a variety of measures, so be sure to understand how your particular fund selects companies for the index.

While the total stock market also includes small caps, they represent only a small fraction by market weight.  So small cap funds are still quite helpful even when paired with a TSM fund.

Stocks on the site are labeled with either a blue or a red color.  Red is for domestic stocks and blue is for international stocks.  Note that the color may change for the exact same asset based on your home country.


Portfolios containing small cap growth funds