Three-Fund Portfolio

The Three-Fund Portfolio by Taylor Larimore is an investing staple on the fantastic Bogleheads forums. You can read about Taylor’s recommendations in his book The Bogleheads’ Guide to the Three-Fund Portfolio and even join the ongoing discussion.

Asset Allocation

  • 48% Total Stock Market
  • 12% International Stocks¹
  • 40% Intermediate Bonds²


1. Larimore specifically recommends international stocks equal to 20% of the equity portion of the portfolio. Since the default version here on Portfolio Charts includes 60% stocks, I allocated 12% (20% of 60) to international.

2. Larimore does not recommend a specific percentage of bonds. Instead, he suggests that you should select the percentage according to your age, goals, timeframe, and risk tolerance. I chose 40% bonds as a reasonable starting point, but you can also customize the percentage to your own needs using the My Portfolio tool.


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