Total Stock Market


Portfolio Role

If you’re looking for a single index fund to best represent an entire market, a total stock market fund is what you’re looking for.  By owning a bit of every available company listed on the exchange, you can gain wide corporate diversification in a single fund.


Market Coverage

The total stock market invests in virtually every company in a country or region, with the percentage of each company set by their market cap.  So large companies take up a proportionally larger percentage of the index than small companies.



While most people think of the stock market as “always going up”, it has suffered multiple rolling decades of compound losses. Selecting complementary assets to balance those down years can help smooth out the ride while delivering more consistent returns.

Stocks on the site are labeled with either a blue or a red color.  Red is for domestic stocks and blue is for international stocks.  Note that the color may change for the exact same asset based on your home country.


Portfolios including total stock market funds

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