World Value



World value funds invest in companies around the world that managers believe may be undervalued by investors.  The data here focuses on developed market countries in the Europe, Pacific, and North America regions.

Note that “value” is somewhat subjective and can be determined by a variety of measures, so be sure to understand how your particular fund selects companies for the index.  International value funds also sometimes employ a bit of active management to identify such companies, which may result in higher fees than more passive alternatives.

The calculators include two versions of World Value — All and ex-US.  Because the US constitutes a large percentage of world stocks by market cap, many US investors use the ex-US version for international diversification.


Index Funds (ex-US)

Replacement Asset

Good world value data is not available until 1975.  Before that, I use a broad world index that includes both value and growth as a replacement asset.  While not perfect, the error is reasonable in moderate percentages.


Portfolios with World Value assets

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