Real Estate Investment Trusts


Portfolio Role

REITs are companies that own or finance income-producing real estate including residential mortgages, commercial properties, and even timber land.  Their stocks offer individual investors a highly liquid method of investing in properties that would otherwise be cost prohibitive to purchase on their own.


Market Coverage

REITs on the site specifically follow the US market.  However, because global REITs have historically been very heavily weighted to the US (50-60% today, and even higher the longer back you look), the data can also stand in reasonably well for a global REIT fund.  /// More Info ///



While REITs are technically a subset of stock, I include them in Real Assets because the specific real estate exposure they offer often more resembles a commodity.  One should note, however, that various stock market funds also include REITs as part of their index.  So be sure to learn the REIT percentage already in your other funds before loading up on more.


Portfolios containing REITs