The Rolling Returns chart displays every inflation-adjusted compound return of a specified investing timeframe.  Use this to study how average returns vary depending on start year, to find a portfolio appropriate for the timeframe of your goals, and to explore trends that may influence your financial decisions.

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Rolling Returns

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The Rolling Returns chart calculates the inflation-adjusted CAGR beginning in the year shown and lasting for the specified duration.  For example, in the chart above the 15-year rolling return beginning in 1970 was a little less than 2% a year.

To study different investing timeframes simply change the number in the black box.  One can even see the annual returns for the portfolio by setting it to 1 year.   As you play with the timeframe setting, you may notice that as you increase the number you will see fewer columns on the chart.  This is simply because the chart only reports returns for complete rolling periods.

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