Color Considerations

Color Considerations


One of the great things about sharing tools publicly is that you get lots of great feedback about things you never considered.  For example, I’ve received a few emails from readers who point out that the Pixel chart in particular is difficult to interpret for colorblind users.

That’s an excellent point!

After a bit of research, I’ve created a new version of the Pixel chart specifically for people with red-green color sensitivity issues.  I’m not colorblind myself, so I consider this an experiment and am absolutely open to additional suggestions.  If any colorblind readers have recommendations for this (or any other) chart, please contact me.

For now, the charts in the various portfolio summaries will remain with the classic red/green combinations.  But the new tool will allow people to duplicate them in a readable format, and it’s possible I may eventually transition the overall color schemes after further feedback and refinement.  My goal is to make the site as helpful as possible to a wide variety of investors, and I certainly don’t intend to let something as simple as color get in the way.

Happy portfolio hunting!