Celebrating A Year Of Portfolio Charts


It’s amazing how quickly time flies, and this week marks the one year anniversary of Portfolio Charts.  The site is a personal labor of love, and to look back at how much it has grown over the past year is pretty remarkable.

To everyone who has taken the time to write a word of encouragement, correct an error, or make a suggestion, thank you!  The same goes for those who contribute to the many thought provoking conversations around the financial web that inspire new ideas every day.  Please keep the debates flowing and the challenges coming, as shared knowledge makes everyone stronger.

As my way of thanking everyone for sharing my fascination with interesting data, I took the opportunity while renewing the site to upgrade the account and completely remove all ads that previously speckled the pages.  They always annoyed me, too, and I much prefer the distraction-free setting.

In return, I’d like to ask a small favor of each of you.


Please take a moment to share Portfolio Charts with a friend


Whether it’s an email to a family member, a Facebook link, a Twitter mention, a post on your favorite forum, or a simple note to a coworker, there’s no better way to mark the occasion than by spreading the word.  My primary motivation is to help people learn more about asset allocation, and my greatest reward is when I see more people visiting the site.  Anything you can personally do to help expand the audience is greatly appreciated.

I already have a pretty good list going for new data, tools, portfolios, and posts, so I expect the next year to be pretty exciting.  And as always, feel free to contact me any time with any ideas or suggestions.  Your feedback is always welcome.

Thanks again, and here’s hoping the next year is as fun and interesting as the last.