The Aisles Are Stocked With All New Portfolio Data


If you’re in the market for state-of-the-art investment data, now is a great time to visit Portfolio Charts.  The Calculators and Portfolios now have all-new data through 2017!

Compiling all of the required source data is a bit trickier than it used to be now that I’m modeling so many international options, as different countries have different schedules for releasing updates.  There are a few situations where inflation numbers are a month or two behind, full yield curves are not yet published, or I’ve needed to pull stock info from a temporary alternative source.  In those situations I compiled the best data I could get my hands on and plan to update things over the next several months as new information becomes available.  I do not expect that future updates will drastically change any numbers, so don’t let that hold you back from seeing what 2017 had to offer.

As with any data update, you may notice that the performance of your favorite portfolio perhaps changed a bit thanks to not only new 2017 returns but also revised numbers for prior years from primary sources.  That’s not a bug — it’s a feature!  Good decisions require good data, and I take pride in compiling the best I can get my hands on.  So be sure to take a few minutes to wander the aisles and get a feel for all the new info.  As always, if you do spot an error in any of the new stuff please let me know.

Portfolio Charts is an ongoing project and I have a lot planned for this year, but there’s no need to delay getting the 2018 party started.  So I’ll dispense with any long explanations and let the data speak for itself.

Happy portfolio hunting!