Spring Cleaning And Some Shiny New Tools


I don’t know about you but I’m pretty excited about the warming weather.  As the dark and cold fades away, I even sorta enjoy the bit of cleanup work that normally comes with spring.  From trimming the shrubs that are now starting to grow like crazy to washing the winter grime off the car, spring cleaning has a way of creating a sense of newness that breathes new life into lots of old things.

And the same mindset extends to the virtual world as well — at least when you have your own website to maintain.  So after picking up around the house I also just completed a few important data updates that you may not have noticed but will certainly appreciate.


All of the 2017 data is final

As I mentioned earlier in the year, some data sources are actually quite slow in updating things like end-of-year inflation and interest rates.  Well all of the source data is officially in, and every calculator is completely up to date.


The stock index calculator now includes monthly data

As part of getting all of the data together I also had to update my Stock Index Calculator.  That process takes a bit of effort, and since I knew I was in for a lot of work I took the opportunity to do something new — add monthly returns!

None of the site calculators use that monthly data just yet, as I still have a lot of work to do to gather that level of information for all of the other assets.  But judging by the number of emails I’ve received over the years asking for monthly data I think it’s safe to say there’s value in putting it out there for everyone to use.  So feel free to download the spreadsheet for yourself and run as many personal calculations as you like.

As a side note, the tradeoff for running monthly numbers is that the spreadsheet I use to generate them is now quite large and slow.  I still explain all of the calculation methodology on the stock index calculator page, but I’ve pared the download itself down to the final numbers.  If you’d like more info on how the calculations work, feel free to contact me as I’m always happy to talk data.


There’s a new bond index calculator to play with

Have you ever wondered where I manage to get so much bond index data for different maturities and countries?  Just like US stocks, I actually calculate it all myself.  It took a little while to condense the calculations into something easy to use, but I’ve finally completed that process and am happy to share my work.

Visit the page for the Bond Index Calculator, and you’ll find a full explanation for how the calculations work and a comparison of how the numbers match known returns.  I think it’s important to share this type of information to maintain trust, and just like the stock version I plan to keep the page updated with new information as I get it.

In addition, you’ll also find a download for a customizable spreadsheet you can use to calculate your own bond fund returns.  You’ll need to do a bit of work to collect enough interest rate data to make it work, but the calculations are pretty elegant and modifying the maturity range of your desired fund is as simple as a push of a button.  So if you’re a DIY investor looking for your own bond fund data now you can follow my method and make it yourself.


These types of updates are definitely a little more in the weeds than I’m sure a lot of investors might normally think about, but they’re important for how the site works and I hope you appreciate the level of effort that goes into keeping Portfolio Charts stocked with accurate and comprehensive data.  Now that my spring cleaning is complete, that frees me up to spend more time on new articles, calculators, and portfolios.  In the meantime, I’m happy to help fellow DIY calculation fans get access to the best data available.  And for future reference, you can always find the Stock and Bond Index Calculators in the Tools & Data section of the library.

So whether you’re interested in the best free stock and bond data available or simply want to browse portfolios while trusting that the information is accurate, there’s something here for all types of investors.

Enjoy your spring!