The Top Five Portfolio Charts Insights of 2019


Happy Holidays!

It has been a terrific year both for me personally and also for Portfolio Charts, and I hope you feel as blessed as I do. I’ve been frantically working behind the scenes for the last several weeks preparing for some exciting new features for the New Year, so in lieu of a lengthy new post I thought I might celebrate the holiday season by sharing a few of the most popular Portfolio Charts articles from the past year.

If you’re new to the site and are interested in a quick rundown of what it’s all about, look no further! And if you’re a veteran reader looking for a good article to share with friends and family to help them think about investing from a new perspective, I’ve got your back. Without further ado, here are the top-5 most popular articles of the year by pageviews sorted in chronological order.

A Meeting, a Book, a Portfolio, and a Better Life

Study data for long enough and sometimes you can get a false sense of control. But eventually life has a way of kicking you out of your comfort zone, and your future is less determined by how you follow a plan and more by how you react to the unexpected. This is the story of how my career plan shot off the rails, how a particular author captured my imagination, and how his investing ideas changed the course of my life.

Smart Retirement Planning Is About More Than Just Avoiding Failure

Some of the most important assumptions that form the backbone of what we think we know about safe withdrawal strategies are actually way over-simplified compared to how real people invest and behave. This article and the associated tool tackles one of the most difficult to quantify — the very definition of success, and how people can effectively course-correct along the way rather than simply blindly drive into the financial abyss.

High Profits at Low Rates : The Benefits of Bond Convexity

In an era of high-flying stocks and low interest rates, bonds are perhaps less popular than ever. But bond performance is much more complicated than the top-line interest rate implies, and once you understand the inner workings you’ll gain a greater appreciation of bonds in modern portfolios. Read this, and you’ll learn more about bonds than you probably ever knew and how to best use them in your own investments.

The Top 4 Portfolios to Recession-Proof Your Investments

The financial world is uncertain, and fear of recession is normal. But by studying the historical performance of portfolios during the very worst investing timeframes, we can gain crucial insights into the types of asset allocations suitable for weathering the fiercest market storms. This takes a deep dive into the data and emerges with some very interesting patterns that can help you learn how to build a portfolio to last.

How To Build a Noise-Cancelling Portfolio

Some of the most popular investing terms like “Modern Portfolio Theory” that get tossed around may sound impressive but inherently make no sense to normal people. This article and the associated tool tackles the investing strategy of combining multiple uncorrelated assets and explains it in terms and images anyone can understand. Equal parts engineering, finance, and art, it’s really Portfolio Charts in a nutshell.

Thanks for reading! I hope you have a great holiday season, and I look forward to sharing some exciting new insights and features in the New Year. 2019 was pretty great, but I have a feeling 2020 is going to be the best year yet. Stay tuned!

Merry Christmas, happy New Year, and happy portfolio hunting.


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