Let’s Get Social


It’s hard to believe that Portfolio Charts just turned six years old! It seems like only yesterday that I was first toying with a few personal spreadsheets and experimenting with ways to share them online, and I never imagined that those humble beginnings would eventually grow to everything you see today. Time really flies when you’re in the flow.

For lots of bloggers, the greatest challenge to sustained success is the finite number of good ideas worth writing about. I consider myself lucky, as portfolio theory is an under-served space with tons of avenues to explore, new data to uncover, and a constantly-evolving market for inspiration. If anything, I occasionally have a bit of the opposite problem where my pile of investing thoughts may be interesting as a whole but individual ideas don’t always rise to a post-worthy level.

To address that situation, I’ve decided to finally get with the times and try my hand at Instagram. It’s a nice medium for this kind of thing, as I’ve always felt that a simple chart or image along with a clearly articulated thought can be more impactful than a wall of numbers or words. So if you’re looking for something educational to add to your feed, I’d really appreciate the follow!

Not into Instagram? No worries! While we’re talking about social media, now seems like a good time to give a quick refresher course on the numerous ways to stay engaged with Portfolio Charts. Browse the front page, and you may notice a new section:

Follow Portfolio Charts around the cloud ⛅

Each link has its purpose.

  • Instagram is a micro-blog of sorts with charts, pictures, and quick investing concepts.
  • Twitter is a good spot for sharing interesting links and joining larger conversations.
  • Ko-fi is my home base for notes of gratitude and small donations that keep the lights on.
  • And the RSS Feed is a useful site stream when paired with your favorite reader.

Put them all together, and there are lots of ways to follow Portfolio Charts beyond the primary site. No matter where you are or how you prefer to browse new ideas, inspiring investing concepts are always right at your fingertips.

So as we celebrate another rewarding year in the books and look forward to many more, I have just one request. Please check out my various social media pages, follow the ones you find useful, and take a moment to spread the word to your own network. Small actions can make a big difference in terms of discovery, and with your help we can make wise asset allocation a lot more accessible to loads of people who simply consume new information in different ways.

I’ll take care of the research, but I could use a hand with the marketing. Let’s work together to make a difference!

A simple cup of coffee can power research for ages ☕