The Little Details Matter


One of the important lessons I learned early on as a young engineer is that it’s important to pay attention to the small things. Your assembly design may indeed be truly impressive, but if the seams between parts don’t properly align it will give the impression of poor craftsmanship. Is it sculpted perfectly for the hands? Nice! But if it’s made with flimsy materials it will still feel cheap. Details matter.

That trained fixation on the small things can also have its downsides. For example, where I spend hours experimenting with just the right layout for a spreadsheet, I also understand that when something complicated is done really well the end result can sometimes be so transparent that it occasionally goes unnoticed. From the well-executed finish of a part to the dew drops on a dandelion, just because something is beautiful doesn’t mean it’s obvious to everyone.

So after spending quite a bit of time working on several relatively small site features, I thought it might be helpful to bring them to everyone’s attention. They may be minor but they’re still useful!

Translation tool

One of the fun things about sharing so much portfolio data in different countries is that my audience has grown to be highly international. And with that reach comes a wide variety of native and secondary languages. While many browsers these days have built-in translation features, in my own experience they can also be fickle. So I’ve always made it a point to make translating Portfolio Charts as easy as possible for non-English speakers.

While I used to have a floating button with a handful of popular languages at the bottom right of every screen, I recently found a much nicer tool I like that lives in a fixed position at the top left. Beyond just blending in more and being less of a distraction, it also offers many more language options than before. Do you or your family speak Chinese, Korean, or Hindi? I’ve got you covered!

Scroll back up to the top of the page and give it a try. And if you think it’s as cool as I do, please take a minute to spread the word to anyone you know who may find good investing advice in their native language useful.

Scroll to top button

While I’m sure that scrolling experience was just fine, I also upgraded the method to make it even easier. See the floating arrow at the bottom right of the screen? Give it a touch or click, and it will take you back to the top in no time. Try it out — it’s pretty fun!

That little button may not seem like such a big deal in a short post like this, but when navigating long pages like you find with the Portfolios it can be a real timesaver. For example, the Sandwich Portfolio page includes several links at the top that will help you jump down to different sections. Between those links down and the scroll arrow up, navigating portfolio content is a lot easier once you master the shortcuts.

Products interface

Last but definitely not least, you may notice a new menu option at the top of the page called Products. Unique Portfolio Charts products are relatively new features, and getting that user experience right has taken a few iterations.

Formerly called “Supplies,” the Products update is more than just a minor name change. Check out the new page, and you’ll see a revamped interface that matches the minimalist look and feel of all of the other sections. From new arrivals at the top to a full storefront with lightning-fast filters, the page is designed to make it super easy to browse the various options.

Beyond the tiled layout, one other nice feature is the way the store integration works. Formerly, every store link opened a new tab that brought you to the associated product page on the official Portfolio Charts Spring store. While effective, it was admittedly kind of annoying. The new system opens the same store option without ever leaving the page. So it’s fast, simple, and seamless.

UPDATE: This functionality has changed, but the basic shop idea is the same. Check it out!

As you browse the various site pages you may occasionally see similar links directing you to relevant Portfolio Charts products. Please check them out! They all point to my own work, and I hope you like them.

Think big, act small

From easy translations to simple scrolling and an elegant product interface, I’ve been working a lot on the small things so that you can stay focused on the big ones without worry or distraction. It’s all about making portfolio exploration easier and more accessible.

So if you ever run across a website quirk that you feel is a stumbling block to that goal, please don’t hesitate to contact me. That simple small act of your own can make a big difference for everyone, as I’m always open to suggestions and happy to do the legwork.

Thanks for visiting and being part of the process. Happy portfolio hunting!

Small wins are best celebrated with coffee.