Investing Supplies for the Financial Journey


I’ve always been the type of person who can usually make do in any situation. But whenever you go on a long hike, it doesn’t take long to appreciate the value of the right gear. A nice pair of shoes or a good hat with proper protection from the sun can make all the difference in the world between a fun adventure and a painful slog. The little things really do help.

So in the spirit of supplying the right items for our individual financial journeys, I’ve just launched a new section of the site — Supplies. It’s not totally new, of course, as it’s really more of a re-launch of an old section that has been through a few iterations since I first rolled out the idea. But after a lot of work trying different things and refining the experience, I think it’s finally on the right track.

The best way to understand it is just to jump right in and explore. But here are a few high points to look for.

Everything in one place

In addition to all of the free charts and data, Portfolio Charts offers several different options for paid products — like memberships, spreadsheet downloads, finance books, and T-shirts — that help enhance your investing experience while supporting the site itself. Recently, these things have been rather scattered around the site to the point where even I sometimes have trouble finding them.

The Supplies section neatly organizes every option under one easy umbrella. So if you’re interested in browsing for an item to take home, it’s the best place to start.

New products

In honor of the fancy new storefront, I also took the opportunity to stock it with several new product options. From a water bottle to a Golden Butterfly hat that might legitimately be good additions for a hike, there are some fun new items that you haven’t seen before. So take a moment to browse, and you may find something that particularly strikes your fancy.

Books section

I’ve included a variety of book recommendations within the Portfolio pages for a while now, although it’s admittedly a bit time consuming to visit multiple pages to see every option. To help make browsing for books a lot easier, I created a new Books page in the Supplies section. It borrows the familiar tiled interface you see around the rest of the site and lets you filter by author and even search for books by keywords.

investing supplies books example
Obviously this is just a still image. Check out the Books page for the interactive version.

Every link takes you to an Amazon listing with more information about each book. Many books can be found for free at your local library, which I highly recommend! But if you choose to purchase one through one of my links, I earn a small commission. Just think of it as helping out Portfolio Charts at no extra cost to you.

Member discounts

I’m always looking for ways to take care of members, and the Supplies section is no exception. So to celebrate the launch, I’ve added a new promo code that offers members $5 off any order over $10. All you have to do is use the listed promo code during checkout while logged into your member account.

The idea is to credit your monthly membership fee towards a product of your choice, or to make it possible to add something inexpensive like a sticker to your larger basket at no additional cost. I may adjust the plan as I see how people use that perk, but it seems like a great place to start. I appreciate you all, and would love nothing more than to help every member find a Portfolio Charts item that they’re proud to call their own.

The right supplies for the road ahead

Put it all together, and the Supplies section is more than just a general website merch store. My goal is to fill it with lots of useful things like books, Excel tools, and anything else I can think of, and now that the foundation is complete I look forward to continue building. I’m naturally a creative person who enjoys designing stuff, and it’s exciting to have one more option at my disposal.

So as you continue your normal routine of browsing the portfolios, tinkering with the charts, and reading through the insights, please take a moment to also check out the supplies. Portfolio Charts is primarily an educational resource rather than a pure sales channel, and you don’t have to buy a thing to enjoy what it has to offer. But for those who take the time to explore the options and choose to purchase something, I genuinely appreciate your support!

Maybe you’ll find something truly educational and utilitarian like a book or a spreadsheet. Or maybe you’ll wear your favorite portfolio on your chest for all to see. Either way, you’ll not only be that much better equipped to embrace your own investing adventure, but you’ll also play a direct part in making Portfolio Charts successful.

That mutually beneficial relationship is what the Supplies are all about. Thanks for joining me in the journey.

What types of investing supplies would you most like to see?

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