Ivy Portfolio

The Ivy Portfolio by Meb Faber mimics the investing strategies of the Harvard and Yale endowments in a form that an individual investor can easily manage.

Asset Allocation

  • 20% Total Stock Market
  • 20% International Stocks
  • 20% Intermediate Bonds
  • 20% Commodities
  • 20% REITs
Other Versions

The charts show the historical results based on a fixed asset allocation. While I’m not able to model it, Faber also discusses the benefits of overlaying momentum strategies on the portfolio. So it’s worth reading his work to understand other approaches to the same idea.

Local Interpretations

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<strong>Meb Faber</strong>
Meb Faber

Meb Faber is the co-founder and Chief Investment Officer of Cambria Investment Management. He talks about the Ivy Portfolio the book The Ivy Portfolio by Faber and Eric Richardson.


The Ivy Portfolio originates from the idea of studying the investing styles of the largest and most successful college endowments. While not every institutional investment is available to individuals like you and me, many of the core principles can be closely mirrored relatively easily with just a few core index funds.

The most notable feature of the Ivy Portfolio is a relatively large allocation to real assets, reflective of the investing choices of many endowments that diverge a bit from conventional wisdom. By equally weighting very different types of assets, it’s a good example of a more tactical investing mindset that seeks returns under every stone rather than holding tight to old allocation paradigms.

In professional investing circles, Meb Faber is perhaps best known for his famous work on Tactical Asset Allocation using momentum trading strategies. So it’s only natural that in the book he also discusses using momentum to trade in and out of Ivy assets depending on market trends. The charts here only track the passive buy and hold version of the Ivy Portfolio just like all of the other options, but if you’re interested in Faber’s full ideas I encourage you to read his work.


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