Pinwheel Portfolio

The Pinwheel Portfolio is a Portfolio Charts sample portfolio designed to showcase the power of combining all four core asset types into a simple but sophisticated asset allocation.  With 60% conventional assets and 40% performance-enhancing tilts, the Pinwheel Portfolio represents both a thoughtful next-step for traditional investors and a straightforward alternative to complicated slice & dice portfolios.

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Asset Allocation



Real Assets



1) Countries other than the United States are modeled with local regional data instead of pure domestic data for these assets.  CAN uses USA funds, while GER & UK use EUR funds.

2) The calculations assume that US investors use a World Ex-US fund while investors living in other countries use a World fund including the US.

3) The data is based on USA REITs, but a broad global REIT fund is also a reasonably close alternative if no US fund is available.


Change the domestic market to translate the portfolio to different home countries