Coffeehouse Portfolio

The Coffeehouse Portfolio was designed by Bill Schultheis, a financial adviser and co-founder of Soundmark Wealth Management.  You can read more about it at his website The Coffeehouse Investor, and in his book by the same name.



Asset Allocation



  • 10% Large Cap Blend ¹
  • 10% Large Cap Value ¹
  • 10% Small Cap Blend ¹
  • 10% Small Cap Value ¹


  • 10% World Total Stock Market ²


  • 40% Intermediate Term Bonds

Real Assets

  • 10% REITs ³



1) Countries other than the United States are modeled with local regional data instead of pure domestic data for these assets.  CAN uses USA funds, while GER & UK use EUR funds.

2) The calculations assume that US investors use a World Ex-US fund while investors living in other countries use a World fund including the US.

3) The data is based on USA REITs, but a broad global REIT fund is also a reasonably close alternative if no US fund is available.